Beach Umbrella Anchor


noblo a simple to use beach umbrella anchor

enjoy your day at the beach with noblo

noblo - simple to use

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made in New Jersey, USA

Noblo donates to the Lifeguards

noblo donates to the Lifeguards


noblo is packaged in NJ by people with special needs

The Story

I live near the Jersey Shore with my husband and three sons.  Years ago I had been an Alaskan Forest Fire Fighter and then worked on Fishing boats.  The wind was a major safety concern for both of these jobs.  Time passed and I started to go to the beach and was super surprised that wind again was a safety concern, that beach umbrellas were flying everywhere.  

As a mom with 3 young sons on the beach, I needed to protect them from the sun with a beach umbrella.  It was not that easy.  For a while, I watched as beach umbrellas flew all over the beach and really needed mine to stay in place.  Finally, it clicked and I improvised,  I filled an old sleeping bag sack with sand, attached it to the beach umbrella, problem solved.  

One day a woman came to me and told me I had to make my contraption into a product people could buy.  That this anchor was really necessary, that she herself had witnessed a beach umbrella go through a woman's leg in Florida and thus was terrified for her kids' safety on the beach.  She convinced me that people want a simple product they can purchase that works over and over again to solve a problem.  Well, noblo began in 2010 and it's been a great adventure since.